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Financial Keynote Speaker for Dentists

Educational. Enriching. Empowering.

Meet Wes

Financial Keynote Speaker for Dentists

Wes Read, CPA, CFP® speaks for dental meetings across the nation, delivering proven financial planning principles and practices as well as step-by-step guidance for practice purchase and sales.

As a dentist, you face the unique challenge of treating your patients while also running a business. You have the knowledge and training to provide the best dental care, but are you equally capable of managing the financial aspects of your practice?

With his presentations, Wes helps dentists fill that financial management gap. He helps navigate the pursuit of life goals with the proper administration of one's dental practice and resources. The end goal? To help dentists thrive financially.


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Empower your dentists to grow more of their practice profits and accelerate their financial independence.

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Education Everywhere

Whether it's a group of 5 or 500 dentists, Wes's presentations work in any capacity. All courses can be done either in-person or virtual, and can be customized for either a full or half day seminar. Audiences can range from 1) dental students launching into associate life, 2) mid-career dentists navigating their practice, 3) dentists ready to retire and sell, and more. 

Mr. Wes Read has spoken to the Patriots Study Club in San Diego. His timely advice on tax strategy, financial practice management and understanding of pension plan options was most helpful to our members. I give his presentation an A+ and look forward to his return.

- Dr. Kevin Kenny, DDS

Wes's firm has a unique knowledge of dental practice that allows dentists to maximize benefits, ease cash flow concerns and minimize taxes among other things. After benefitting from their services, I wanted to share my experience with other dentists. I had Wes present to our Pennsylvania AGD (PAGD) Mastership program."

- Dr. Brad Strober, DMD

Wes knows the business side of dentistry, simply put. His comprehensive plan will organize your personal and professional finances so you can focus on taking care of patients.

- Dr. Mark Galli, DDS

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